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Kenwood XtremeCyclone technology maximizes airflow and performance by separating dirt from air in one go. Air enters fast into the XtremeCyclone thanks to the air inlet design. The curved air pass quickly accelerates the air in the cyclonic chamber to separate the dust from the air. The optimized exit blades separate dirt from the cyclone and into the dust bucket.

Kenwood Xtreme Cyclone comes with HEPA Filter (HEPA filters remove particles as small as 3 microns with 99.97 percent efficiency). The HEPA filter has a large surface and good filtration performance. It catches small dust particles and in combination with the cyclonic flow, this prevents the filter from clogging fast and gives you better and longer-lasting filtration results.

The dust container is carefully designed to dispose collected dirt without creating a dust cloud. It is one-hand operated and thanks to its unique shape and smooth surface, you can easily control the emptying of the dust container.

You can easily carry vacuum cleaner around when cleaning thanks to its light weight and compact size.



Bagless model
Dust container capacity: 3.5L
Suction power: 1,80 CFM
Multi Cyclonic
Cleanable Hepa Filter
Pet Care
Metal telescopic tube adjusts for all users
Inlet filter to protect the motor and increase suction
Floor brush and crevice tool for thorough cleaning results
1 year warranty