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Impress friends and family with crunchy salsas, freshly prepared smoothies and warming soups. The Kenwood BLM45.240 features 2 speeds and pulse, which puts you in control, meaning ingredients are prepared your way, whether you want quick pulses for chunky salsa, or a smooth gazpacho.


Power: 1000W
2 speeds with Pulse (for ice crushing too)                  
Glass jug with 1.5L capacity                      
Stainless steel blades                             
Non-slip feet  
External 0.8 m power cord length Lid may easily be opened to add additional ingredients


Customer Reviews

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I bought this blender around 12 months ago.u.fortuna

I bought this blender 12 months ago. Unfortunately the plastic at the base of the blender has 2 cracks so it leaks when I use it. The motor is in excellent condition so is the jug.. I was really happy but I'm now disappointed.

Guy Fleuriot
Excellent Blender

I had my previous Kenwood blender for 25 years. I also have a Kenwood food processor - also excellent. I bought this new blender - a wonderful and powerfull blender - highly recommended - I will only buy Kenwood kitchen light appliances - the motors just never stop working .......!!

Sarah Cornish
Still going strong!

I bought my smoothie maker in the UK about 12 years ago. It has an awesome pour spout which is both convenient & easy to clean. It’s still going strong! Would definitely recommend as my kids love making smoothies with it.