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Frozen Dessert Maker: Fits Chef & XL machines
Make Frozen Desserts in 30 minutes!
*Uses pre-frozen bowl
*Up to 1 litre of ice cream can be successfully produced per session

Fits all Chef & Chef XL models (not compatible with kMix)


Makes ice cream in 30 minutes:
The improved paddle moves ingredients around the bowl and freezes the ingredients within 30 minutes while minimising ice particles.

Up to 1L of delicious frozen desserts:
The 1L pre freeze-able bowl for large batches of ice cream, sorbet or frozen yoghurt.

Fits in to a standard freezer drawer:
We have tested the bowl to fit in most freezers without any extra effort having to remove a freezer shelf.

Convenient to use and easy to handle:
The shape and size of the new Frozen Dessert Maker has been designed to be convenient to use and easy to handle.

Redesigned fitment of the bowl:
New design of the bowl enhancing the locking and unlocking experience.

Better Paddle fitment:
Better fitment of the ice cream paddle.

Compatible with all current kitchen machines:
It fits Chef and Chef XL models including Titanium and Cooking Chef, the current range Titanium, Elite, Sense and Chef, Cooking Chef