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The Kenwood Dual Air Fryer HFP70 is your ultimate kitchen tool! Boasting two baskets (each with a capacity of 4L), you can easily and quickly prepare two different foods at the same time. The Sync Function synchronises the finishing time, so that you can dish up at once with no cold food. The dual cook function allows the two zones (baskets) to become one large zone, which is ideal when you're cooking large quantities. There are 8 pre-set functions to choose from, an automatic shut-off as well as a shake reminder. Healthy healthy, delicious food!

Key Features: 

Power 1700 W
Metal frontal cover
Dual zone: two baskets for separate cooking of food
Double air basket capacity 8L total, 4Lx2 (1,7 kg each basket useful)
MAX CRISP function: faster cooking, for to have hotter and crispier food, using also 2 crisper plates
Sync function: synchronizes the end of cooking of foods with different cooking times
DUAL COOK function: two zones become one ideal for large quantities
Rapid air circulation, less 80% fat than traditional fryers
Digital control touch screen panel (LED)
8 pre-set programs, including dehydrate
Time setting range 0-60 mins (12h dehydrate), automatically shut off
Shake reminder
Adjustable Temperature 35 -200 degree
Overheat protection
Easy to clean, non stick coating basket
2 crisper plates included for rapid air circulation
Recipe book included
1 year warranty